Weekly forecast S&P 500 (futures)


After 15 years of research, 5 (latest 4=9 indicators) indicators have been found with lots of trial and error that can predict the movement of the S&P 500. Only the statements of influential persons or disasters can not be predicted a month or a day ahead.


The FED and ECB stopped with Quantitative Easing. So my old Indicator must give the right direction for the longterm. Can also give a good picture on the shorterm. But theres a lot of tention the past and next months.

Updating the info on Sunday and every 3 days - started 1 march 2018


22 May - Pattern removed -  weekly update - forecast (everything)

27 April - The red line (indicator) was reliable for the past years. Since Christmas it aint working anymore.
Replaced by the green line (indicator). Based on the same as the red line but a different calculation is used.
Removed the Week - roughly movement indicator.

18 April - Reclassify indicators. My old indicator is the best and indicators 1 and 2a + b temporarily influence the direction. If there is no (or little) direction from my old indicator the others determine the direction.

17 March a new start. Several things are solved.



Summary forecast

Month (my old indicator) - We have seen the High on 1-5-2019 S&P500-2954 and the future on 2961. The LOW was on 13th caused by the Trade war. A panic LOW that disturbed the pattern. OK till 2/3 June The blue line has no influence on the behaviour of the S&P500. Till 2/3 June we can't go serious Higher than 1 May 2954. On the downside is everything possible...............biggrin

Week - movement in detail - Monday direct up into Tuesday. Tuesdays High can be huge, but wait and see. Then a decline starts in to WEDNESDAY. Then up into next week Tuesday. We make a top and then a decline into next Friday(Monday 2/3 June)


Week - movement in detail - Watch Summary Forecast

(Watch the direction of the movement and do not watch the magnitude of the black dashed line) The redline (indicator) is back for a while with a thin dashed line. I won't use it again this week.

Month - My Old Indicator can give the right direction if there is no more quantitative easing. From 21-09-2018 till now it looks OK. The high was on 1 May. And the Low was on 13 May. It was a Panic LOW caused by the Trade war. A decline of 680 of DOW JONES that disturb the pattern. The Low period stays the same from 17 May - 2/3 June

My Old Indicator is based on the movement of the Dow Jones the month before.

(Watch the direction of the movement and do not watch the magnitude)

History repeats itself?


I do not promise to answer all the e-mails. prognoseus500@outlook.com

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