Weekly forecast S&P 500 (futures)


After 15 years of research, 5 indicators have been found with lots of trial and error that can predict the movement of the S&P 500. Only the statements of influential persons or disasters can not be predicted a month or a day ahead. I removed an indicator. The bleu line is replaced by my old indicator. QE has ended and the predictionfactor looks good again.

Updating the info on Sunday and every 2 days - started 1 march 2018

Important adjustment

There is a good agreement with my indicators and Bradley's original Siderograph. That's why I added it. Now you have the movements together of My old indicator, The red line, Bradley along with the indicators 1 and 2a and 2b. That will make more clear, but be careful! Trump, Fed, ECB just have to call and it goes the other way.

Global movement - The week starts with a LOW on Monday and then a HIGH on Wednesday. After that a decline in to the weekend and a recover halfway/end of Friday

The global movement without incidental Highs or Lows

Movement in detail - 21 the LOW, 23 the HIGH. Then a decline in to Friday. Friday must give a HIGH (Indicator 2a demands it) and then a decline in to next week.

Next week

The bold red line must confirms the movement

The week after next week

The bold red line must confirms the movement

The week after after next week

Next month

The bold red line must also confirm it, but there is a clear drop visible from May 23 so it seems. The 30th can also form the HIGH, but the decline seems to have already started.

MEDIUM TERM - The Mirror has stopped on 9 may.

We make a High arround 23 may. Then decline to 25 may. After that a recover to the 30th. But we get a decline from 23th. Bradley seems to be confirmed bij the indicators 2a and 2b. Now we must watch it closely.

Last week

There are a lot of signs, but witch one is the one who will give the shock in banking or Tax