Weekly forecast S&P 500 (futures)


After 15 years of research, 5 (latest 4=9 indicators) indicators have been found with lots of trial and error that can predict the movement of the S&P 500. Only the statements of influential persons or disasters can not be predicted a month or a day ahead.


The FED and ECB stopped with Quantitative Easing. So my old Indicator must give the right direction for the longterm. Can also give a good picture on the shorterm. But theres a lot of tention the past and next months.

Updating the info on Sunday and every 3 days - started 1 march 2018


21 April - weekend update -ready

18 April - Reclassify indicators. My old indicator is the best and indicators 1 and 2a + b temporarily influence the direction. If there is no (or little) direction from my old indicator the others determine the direction.

17 March a new start. Several things are solved.



Summary forecast

Month (my old indicator) - The high is on Thursday the 25th +/- 3days. Then the decline starts into Friday 17 May.
Week - movement roughly - Monday a high, then a decline into Wednesday. Then up into Thursday ......Later
Week - movement in detail - Monday a high and the turn down near closing US. Wednesday early up into Thursday (25th)(The HIGH?). Then the decline starts into the next week.....17 may?.............later

22th near closing US can be the high and start a decline into 17 May
25th  can also be the High and start a decline  into  17May

The red line keeps me waiting for confirmation of this weeks pattern. From 25th theres no discussion we are goiing down into............May and maybe further. Be carefull.

Week - movement roughly - Watch Summary forecast

It moves like a heavy steel cable. So if it bends one day the other part moves a little to the other site.

The global movement without incidental Highs or Lows.

Week - movement in detail - Watch Summary Forecast

(The red line must confirm the movement and do not watch the magnitude, watch the direction of the movement) I am testing a new indicator The green line. I am expecting good results even better then all the lines together.

Month - My Old Indicator can give the right direction if there is no more quantitative easing. From 21-09-2018 til now it looks OK. The high is on 25th of April +/- 3 days. Then the decline into 17 May.

My Old Indicator is based on the movement of the Dow Jones the month before.

History repeats itself?


I do not promise to answer all the e-mails. prognoseus500@outlook.com

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