Weekly forecast S&P 500 (futures)


After 15 years of research, 5 (latest 4=9 indicators) indicators have been found with lots of trial and error that can predict the movement of the S&P 500. Only the statements of influential persons or disasters can not be predicted a month or a day ahead.


The FED and ECB stopped with Quantitative Easing. So my old Indicator must give the right direction for the longterm. Can also give a good picture on the shorterm. But theres a lot of tention the past and next months.

Updating the info on Sunday and every 3 days - started 1 march 2018


16 September - Week -the red and black line Top Tommorrow at the close of the US

Summary forecast

Monday - High open futures. Than Up against a Pivot High  and down. The rally starts into Tuesday. Expecting the Highest High on Tuesday at/just after closing US. (The red line can point it sometimes). From here down into Thursday and up ..........(tomorrow more). Making a Low on next Monday at the open futures.

Major Low recovery - If we make a major low accordance the pattern of my indicators OR we make a panic low we rebound for 3 days(or more) in 97% of the cases.

PANIC LOW (or HIGH) - When Trump, China or Kim or other major disasters has occurred and the Old Indicator goes up for weeks, we will (normally) go back to the level before and usually higher than normal pattern and stabilize . So this is a chance, but be careful. (I forget to mention this often. That's why I published it on the site). Example: 17/18 July Trump Trade war UP; 5 August devaluation Yuan DOWN;
For a panic High it is the other way around.

Rough indicator makes also a high on the 17th

Summary of all indicators

Week - Movement in detail

Indicator 1 - no data
Indicator 2a - no data
Indicator 2b - From Monday up into Wednesday (overrules other indicators)
Indicator 2c - High on Monday
My old Indicator - Monday High open - than down and up again into..(No data)
Thursday (no direction(flat). Friday early up and down again into the weekend

Red Line (emotion of the market) - Monday High open - than up and hit the pivot value and serious down and than rally up into Tuesday at/after the US close we start the declin into Thursday. Thursday up ....(but I have to wait to tomorrow) .......This week more updates




(Lowest) Low : 23 Sept(opening Futures)? 26 Sept; 

(Highest) High : 16 Sept early from opening Futures; 28 Sept; 4 Oct


Notice the price on 12 August(low) and 23th(high) and (28th) 30th (low) The magnitude you must not count, only the movement and dates; so up or down and see where we make the price. I do not take long positions. If there is a panic the indicator cannot give you the wright price. (Trump does! He makes the most panic😀)

(Watch the direction of the movement and do not watch the magnitude)

History repeats itself?


I do not promise to answer all the e-mails. prognoseus500@outlook.com

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